Flurry, Flurry

Flurry, Flurry
written by Kate Durnford 19/12/2016

Flurry flurry, the flakes fall from the sky
making a white blanket on the ground
watch the flakes float by
making shapes of objects they have found

flurry flurry, flakes are white
the snow is falling in heavy bursts
winter is a pretty sight
flurry on into the night

the silence that comes with the snow
gives of a white sheen and a glow
it gives the day an eerie feel
it lays in flakes before it congeals

snowmen are built out of the flakes
it matts together like glue
there is nothing like snow by the lake
than building a snowman with you

flurry flurry, the snow is falling
onto the cold ground
hark the winter is calling
look what it has found

icy cold blasts and snow
watch as the snowmen bestow
carrots for noses and buttons for eyes
whilst the snow falls from the skies


© 2019, Katy Durnford. All rights reserved.

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