Grenfell Tower

Grenfell Tower, Kensington London
written by Katy Durnford 22/06/2017

desperate times are not for ever
they come and go in life
when the building was on fire
putting people in strife

the flames gusted over the tower
the flames soared and burned
for every home that suffered
no stone has been left unturned

in the wake of the fire
with people dying in their homes
where do you turn to in time of need?
it touched people of every creed

the tower once stood tall and proud
with two other blocks beside it
now it is in ruins
with no idea what caused it

help came on its way
the fire brigade in their hundreds came
putting out the flames all night
it was a frightful sight

in the daytime the fire was gone
leaving the tower to smoke all black
leaving many homeless
never to go back

pray for the dead the toll rose high
thoughts that never go away
so pray for the people of Kensington
prayers for you we say

no where to live and on the streets
waiting to be rehoused
the plight of newly homeless suffer their loss
keeping the faith upon the cross


© 2019, Katy Durnford. All rights reserved.

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