In Hope
written by Katy Durnford 27-3-2019

Great hope and love will come!
Just be aware and at peace.
Go with the flow and be proud.
Because it will all end!

So enjoy the time it’s well spent.
Make haste and relent!
Time ticks on in your life,
so let go your worries and strife!

Time tells of your story.
Time reflects time!
It is made by man,
so count the stars!

Let it happen now for you are saved!
The water is under the bridge!
Write your dreams now,
be you and vow!

Never let it go!
Continue your path.
Let yourself shine,
and not let yourself be in his wrath!

Let all boundaries in now.
For it is time well spent.
Time to not be alone
and time for love and repent!


© 2019, Katy Durnford. All rights reserved.

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