New Year Wishes
written by Kate Durnford 27/12/2016

coming of the new year
rings a might bell
hear the singing of carols
hear the children yell

it rings in the time of midnight
old with the old in with the new
a time for the loving
just to be with you

family sing carols around the Christmas tree
for all to hear including you and me
bring up the presents its all in the cheer
bringing out with the old into the New Year

time for healing a time for grace
a time to be a human race
a time for sending out the greetings
a time for new meetings

so let the wine and song cheer
what? It is carols you hear
do what is dear to you at this time of year
is be with family
because they are who you see
at the time of year

so come the new year
get a glass of wine
hear the angels singing
for its Christmas time!


© 2019, Katy Durnford. All rights reserved.

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