Taste The Scent Of The Earth

Taste The Scent Of The Earth
written by Katy Durnford 22/06/2017

taste the scent of the earth
it fills you with joy
nothing in life is free
nothing is a toy

bring home the flowers of May
and shine into June
nothing is hard to get
anytime soon

flows of summer light up the sky
battling the heat on the fly
when it rains put on a coat
be with your loved ones one that you dote

taste the scent of the country
it tickles your taste buds good
all the animals are out
grazing for their food

taste the scent for it will last
it wafts up your nose and triggers the mind
if you are out for a peaceful event
taste the scent for you will find

liven up the life of your being with scent
it pays to go all the way
share your life in splendid forms
because it will ensure you stay


© 2019, Katy Durnford. All rights reserved.

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