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I will be posting newer poetry to tumblr. To read the old poetry please visit the site. Happy Easter everyone!

Listen To Your Heart

Listen To Your Heart written by Katy Durnford 16-3-2019 Listen to your heart, right from the start. Let go of your fears, and dry away your tears. Shine on and rise up. Be bright and bold. Let in the warmth

Angels Shadows

Angels Shadows written by Katy Durnford 16-3-2019 Walk with the angels, hold your head up high. Hold hands and embrace the love, for peace reigns from above! Hear the singing and rejoice. In reality it all sinks in. Let go

Hear The Angels Song

Hear The Angles Sing written by Katy Durnford 14-3-2019 Hear the angels song, chime in the words of long. Reach out for heavenly ways, reality stays. Let the thoughts sink in. Let it stem from the heart. Blood is thicker

Gathering Angels

Gathering Angels written by Katy Durnford 13-3-2019 Shine in the night and hear the sounds, for angels are all around! Flocking to see you in with them, so write with your zen! Heavenly hellos it’s time! Nothing to declare, but

The Angels Light

The Angels Light written by Kate Durnford 18/11/2016 A bright star lights the path a light that shines so bright it flickers on the dew sending its hue it enhances your sight the lantern is full and in the hands

Sing A Lullaby

Sing A Lullaby written by Katy Durnford 02/06/2017 sing a lullaby to a child they fall sleep by your side so be like the child in your heart be that from the start go with the motives of being great

Road Of Angels

Road Of Angels written by Katy Durnford 03/06/2017 line the road with the angel’s song drifting where they belong reaching for the news of love comes from the souls from up above ringing the song with the choir of angels

Ride With Me

Ride With Me written by Katy Durnford 02/06/2017 ride with me and fill a tear it is ok to be yourself don’t be with the fears be with you heartfelt ride with me and be a rock it’s not to

Night Angels

Night Angels written by Katy Durnford 11/12/2017/center> The sound that comes to you through the night are angels in their plight coming to comfort you in sleep in the mind of things so deep the waves of air expand to

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