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Walk On By

Walk On By written by Katy Durnford 22/06/2017 when the times get hard and you are falling down walk on by walk on by when the morning comes and you hear the cry walk on by walk on by let

The Presence Hears

The Presence Hears written by Kate Durnford 11/12/2016 silence as she weeps amidst the dark grey skies the morning wakened with pain the morning heard her cries no silence in time to cry just smile with sweet sorrow for amidst

The Lord Loves You

The Lord Loves You written by Kate Durnford 16/12/2016 Time can mean so much time can do so much but it cant mend your heart that has to be right from the start don’t let it make you afraid don’t

Let The Lord Embrace You

Let The Lord Embrace You written by Kate Durnford 30/12/2016 let the Lord embrace you for it is within deep inside your mind for it is one of a kind see the light how it gleams nothing is what it

Let The Lord Come To You

Let The Lord Come To You written by Katy Durnford 19/06/2017 Let the Lord come to you with a smile and no longer be alone when the presence of the Lord arrives feel the love that has grown he comes

Let The Light Shine On You

Let The Light Shine On You written by Katy Durnford 05/08/2017 smile on the yesterdays that was once here when you where there for me for the time has come again for us to see the light on mind when

Jesus Divine

Jesus Divine written by Kate Durnford 29/12/2016 out of the cup comes wine of the heart comes love out of the soul comes words out of the Lord comes you don’t let it sway you off your path you do

Fight The Good Fight

Fight The Good Fight written by Katy Durnford 11/07/2017 fight the good fight let it go in your heart for there is always a way and a way to part don’t let it burden your mind don’t let it make

Day Of Light

Day of Light Written by Katy Durnford 2nd December 2017 Time is of now the greater experience Fledglings of the higher good Fleeting in and out of worlds Where the message is understood But come to the way it won’t

Breath Of Love

Breath Of Love written by Kate Durnford 19/12/2016 I come through the light to be with you I come in your time of need so be with me hand in hand and take heed I am forever with you in

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